June 26, 2014

Google Brings Android to Car With Android Auto

Google Brings Android to Car With Android Auto

Today's Google I/O conference, Tech Giant has announced a new tech beauty. The world's coolest and leading mobile operating system, to your car. It's called Android Auto. Think of it as the Android you're already familiar with, but functionality redesigned for your car.

Android Auto is officially and more than 40 Car Makers are now in the Open Auto Alliance -  the first cars compatible with the Android Auto will be available by the end of the year. Android Auto looks and runs similar to Apple’s CarPlay system. Google's reply to Apple's Car application. It’s not an operating system installed in the car itself; instead, you physically plug an Android phone into a car’s console.

Android Product Manager Andy Brenner performed the test drive of Android Auto in a faux Kia. “All of the apps we see here are running on Andy’s phone, which means the experience gets better when he updates his apps or gets a newer, faster phone,” explained Brady. The Android Auto's group stated that goal is "making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone."

During the demo at Google I/O, Google showed off how you can connect your Android device to the car and immediately begin using the system. Most of the demo was spent showing off how the voice system works.

Android Auto Features,

  • Your phone will be the key to car's software functionality
  • Notifications pop up as heads-up banners so nothing gets in your way, and voice replies are built right in.
  • Android Auto will offer a big-screen experience for Google Maps (which is a huge advantage over Apple's CarPlay)
  • It gives you quick, voice-based access to Google Maps navigation, text messaging, and apps like Google Play Music
  • Android Auto is fully compatible with the dials, knobs, and buttons on your dashboard and steering wheel
  • To help independent developers create in-car apps, SDK for Android Auto is coming soon

Android Auto for your Car

Google is encouraging developers to get in quick when SDK's out. It's already have rounded up some early partners including Spotify, Pocket Casts, MLB At Bat, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Songza.

Android Auto alliance with Car Makers

From Tech point of view, difference between Apple's Car Play & Android Auto

CarPlay is little more than hard-coded templates in the head unit that iOS apps can stream fill-in-the-blank text and images to. In the vehicle media center industry, this is called the ‘budget’ approach. All the cheapest in-vehicle computers do it this way.

Android Auto’s environment appears to be streamed in its entirety to the screen, which means it can get updates and improvements very easily, and be much more flexible.

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  1. After Android watches and Android TV, now Android Auto. Lagta hai Google Kis ko chance hi nai dega.

  2. This appears to be a reply for Apple's Carplay.